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Welcome to the website for the Parish of Holy Trinity Bingley with St Wilfrid Gilstead.

I have three hopes for you:


First, I hope you find this website helpful and informative.


Secondly, I hope you will be able to discern through the pages of this website,

that we try to shape our parish life in accordance with our parish “vision statement”, as follows:

Sharing the Love of God:

We are a community drawn together and called on a journey by the love of God:

—a love which is inclusive and forgiving

—a love which turns upside down the values of the world

—a love which provides a firm foundation for living

—a love which is expressed in Jesus Christ

Our aim is to share with the wider community of which we are a part the Good News

that no one is outside God’s love:

—through worship

—through acceptance of people as they are, wherever they may be on their own personal journey

—through ministry to all people of the parish

—through providing a place where people may feel they belong and can grow


Thirdly, I hope that if you have not yet worshipped with us, we will at some point have the opportunity to give you, in addition to this virtual welcome, a welcome in person.


Thank you for visiting.

Peace and blessings.

Fr Andrew Clarke

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