Good Friday – The Crucifixion – Sir John Stainer

Here are some links which may help members practice for this forthcoming choral event.

All are believed to be in the Public Domain – HT & SW take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information

(A) IMSLP score

Stainer: The Crucifixion

Stainer: The Crucifixion – Novello

(B) You Tube videos with score

I Think I have got them all – these have been uploaded by “Morphthing” .

If you are not in the choir just listen to the beautiful music

(1) And they came to a place

(2) The Agony

(3) And they laid

(4) Procession to Calvary  (intro)

(5) Procession to Calvary ( Chorus)

(6) And when they were come  ?

(7) Mystery of the Divine humiliation

(8) He made himself of no reputation

(9) The majesty of the Divine humiliation

(10) And as Moses lifted up the serpent

(11) God so loved the world

(12) The litany of the passion

(13) Father forgive them

(14) So thou liftest up thy divine petition

(15) The mystery of the intercession

(16) And one of the malefactors

(17) The adoration of the crucified

(18) When Jesus therefore saw his mother

(19) It is nothing to you

(20) The appeal of the crucified

(21) Aftter this Jesus knowing that all things

(22) All for Jesus (hymn)

(C) MIDI part practice file link – for your computer sound card / Windows media player / phone etc.

Very useful since these emphasise your particular part ( selectable) and make it easier to learn. Ther will work on a Windows computer using the media player with an appropriate codec for MIDI files and they even work on my mobile phone.

– web master